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I think, everybody has a dream of settling at one place, buy a house, become part of community. This can come after few years of moving experiences. I firmly believe, 'More you see the world, more you learn'. And so for those who are planning to move or are hesitant to move, I intend to provide clear picture of what is involved in a successful move. Points, that everyone should know to make moving experience, a pleasant one.

I'll cover more on interstate move, as this is definitely more complicated than within state move, still many factors remain same. Rotarix, rozerem, zileuton

 If you are moving for a transfer of job following points that you must consider before moving

  1. Standard of Living: Even within USA, standard of living varies largely from state to state. Your one-dollar earned in Iowa may provide you 50 cent worth in California!

    So, I suggest going through few sites that help you look forward. What is the saving potential? Yahoo's Salary Comparison is a good one.

  2. Availability of housing: If you plan to rent an apartment / town house, you need to know what are the housing communities near your work, school etc.

    Following are good sites to check apartment rents and even setting up appointments. Housing in especially Silicon Valley area has been very scarce. If you do not shop around, you might lend up in a thoroughly expensive place with strict lease agreements. So, I strongly suggest to start looking for apartment at least 2-3 months in advance. Usually, all across America, people move places between April to August. So, chances are good that in this season, you can not find a reasonably good place at an affordable price.




  3. Plan for move: If you wish to carry all your belongings, then a careful study of what is absolutely required and what are your pride possessions, will help you estimate, how many pounds you'll be carrying. To decide about a professional Mover is a task by itself. Check out this website.

    MoverQuote to estimate cost of moving between two cities. This has links to many other related sites also.

  4. Driving License and Vehicle registration: This varies from state to state. Most states require that each driver get state license within 60 days of becoming resident. Some state licenses require just vision test but some may require passing written test.

    If your current auto insurance company has office in the state you are moving then things are lot simpler. Otherwise you might have to buy new policy and in order to buy new policy, you may be required to get car registered in the state plus get driver license within 30-45 days.
    So, someone who is going temporarily say 6 months or a year may not need to change license or car registration. Check up with your insurance company as well as state Dept of Motor Vehicles.

    Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, N. Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia

  5. Car prices in some states are high due to various reasons. Check life of your vehicle. If you're planning to sell, do it before you move. You may not find good price in new state. Say a car with Pennsylvania registration will fetch lot less in Texas because it has been treated with salts and has weathered extreme climatic conditions! Same way CA's EPA standards are different than rest of the country. If your 'lemon' is a worn used one than better sell it off before entering CA. Otherwise you might end up paying more in moving and passing smog test than its worth.

  Terminology and how to deal with Movers

Rate : Usually basic charge is on weight, say for 1000 lbs. and each additional 100 lbs. at some rate. Weight range depends on size of company and size of truck. Big companies may not like to take 1000 lbs. so they start with 2500 lbs. While few may carry even 500 lbs. If you do not have lot of furniture items then you may want to check UPS as ground services for cheaper and reliable medium of transport. Only condition is that in that you can send only those that you can pack in boxes. If you can disassemble dining table and pack in boxes, fine. But then there is always restriction on irregular package size.

Storage : If you are not sure of your new address, you might want to store all your stuff in their warehouse. This is usually at city of origin. If it is a nationwide company then they may have storage facility at destination. There will be charge on month basis. Be careful to ask for Storage Handling fee. As some unscrupulous movers advertise FREE One month Storage but will charge $65 for storage handling fee!

Flight : You pay how high you live! Literally, they charge on stair case basis. May be up to $75 per flight.

Packing : Furniture needs to be packed in blankets. All wooden articles should have tight joints else disassemble and pack separately. All drawers and such parts should be taped before blanket wrapping. For all furniture items Movers can pack/disassemble and then unpack/assemble for you. This is charged or included in basic rate. Glass items must be packed first with bubble wrap and then stuff with lots of papers/foam globules in cardboard boxes. Crockery is best in its own corrugated box. Take extra care of appliances. They tend to outgrow in size than original boxes. Provide additional cushion on all delicate sides. Disassemble as much as you can. Remember, you'll have to assemble appliance on your own. I'm keeping vacuum cleaner in mind.


Insurance : It is mandatory for Movers to offer state required minimum coverage in most states which is included in rate. Usually this is with $250 deductible. Check rates for better coverage. This is trickier than auto insurance. Get maximum details on condition of coverage, claim procedure, deductible and list of nature of damage (scratch, chip, breakage etc.) Many movers classify your 1-year-old furniture as in worn condition, even though it looks new to you. When it comes to paying you for damages, value of your prized possession will be of Flea Market! So, be aware that most moving ends with some or other claims. And filing for claims takes more of your precious time then asking before hand.

Paperwork : Note down what you have in each box that you packed or Movers packed. The inventory list is the single most document that you can rely on. It should have item number (identification of each piece), what it looks like (box or bed frame or mattress or loose piece of furniture), condition (usually you have little authority to note that). When you get your stuff, this is what you will be referring to see you got all you loaded. Also condition at the time of unloading will be noted. The deliveryman from company will sign after you put remark on condition at delivery. This will be used to file for claim, if any. Equally important is your contract. That contains rate, list of all other charges, details of insurance coverage, promised date of delivery, money you paid and owed etc. Get everything that has date, serial number and company's name and PUC number printed. This is very important as all Moving (Transport) companies should be registered with state level PUC (Public Utility Commission) and DOT (Federal Dept. of Transportation). Such registration means you have somebody to cry before, if you have problems! Though, I wish you need not go to this typical government offices for complaints. It is waste of energy and time. So, better educate yourself and confront the tough guys.

Quote : you can ask for free quote that give rate of service. Say $1000 for first 1500 lbs., and each additional lb. 5 cents. A genuine quote should contain, "Not Over ___" figure. This is the maximum that will be charged for complete move. This can give you clear idea of what you'll be paying at the most. The professional movers will do this, after visiting your place, listing all items that you want to move. They can do approximation even on the basis of your lifestyle! Get a signed copy of estimate. This should have all extra charges or rate of additional services like packing, loading, storage etc. Book a mover with acceptance of estimation. This should have exact date and time of loading, services to be included/required. It is experienced that they say we do not have box for your king size mattress and so can not pack it. So, be specific and elaborate as what all you need to do by they come to load the truck and what they will have to do.

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So you if you made it for U.S please do write your experiences to us. We would love it to put your experiences here so that it would be help to many more.

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