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  1. ExperienceBook - Share your visa process experience here!
  2. NetBoard - Get your visa queries answered here!
  3. U.S. Immigration Web Chat
  • Citizenship
  1. Citizenship Issues
  2. Citizenship Interview Questions & Answers
  3. Citizenship Tutorial
  4. Dual Citizenship FAQ
  5. Twenty-Five Lessons in Citizenship - a book
  1. Usenet FAQ
    I started the US Immigration FAQ in 1993 and I maintained it till March, 1995.
    I am NOT the FAQ maintainer now. So please DO NOT send me any questions.
    alt.visa.us and misc.immigration.usa FAQ only for your convenience.

  2. Dual Citizenship FAQ
  3. National Interest Waiver
  1. American Immigration Center
  2. Immigration Typing Services
  3. Law Offices of Carl Shusterman
  4. The SSHC Immigration Forms Center
  1. Law Offices Of Rajiv S Khanna
  2. The India H1B Visa Corner

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