Professor M.N. Bhusabalwala
Asst. Professor, Electrical Engineering Department.,
S.V.R.E.C of Engineering and Technology

Please feel free to contact him, if you have any query in his subject

E: Mail: mnb@vikram.svrec.ernet.in
Phone: 0261-654660

Office: EED, SVRECT, Surat-7
Resident: C/15, Shiv Krupa Soc., Amba Nagar, U-M Rd.,
Surat- 2

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He received B.E degree from S.G. university in Electrical Engineering in 1981

He joined Ghandhy Engineering college, Surat in 1982

He joined S.V.R college of Engineering and technology, surat in 1984 as lecturer

In 1988, he went for further study to university of Roorkee as a sponsored candidate under 'Quality Improvement programme' offered by MHRD, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

He received his M.E degree with specialisation in 'Instrumentation and Measurement' in 1990 after which he resumed as lecturer in S.V.R college again

He was promoted to the post of 'Assistant Professor' in the year 1994

He has published two technical papers, in 1991 and 1993

He is associated with calibration and testing work of indicating instruments and cables respectively in his institute

His area of teaching is instrumentation and measurement

He has offered projects to his students, in the area of process instrumentation, biomedical instrumentation, signal processing and digital filters

His recent area of work is signal processing techniques.