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As gujju community is one of the biggest community in India spread throughout the world, now its quit common that we gujju's have relatives and friends abroad acompila. Well things have changed a lot in last couple of years. Now, due to easy communication the distant barriers appears to have reduced a lot. Also the visits of our people from abroad have increased. They don't mind spending there one month salary and having there Holidays in India. Also the phone have become quit frequent Acomplea. I would like to share some of the ways how to communicate cheaply. Of course now you don't have to sing 'Chithi ayi hi ayi hai Chithi ayi hi, vatan se chithi ayi hai' Use E-Mail. You can have a connection to Internet for just Rs. 3,500 in India. Also there are private BBS services who give mail facilities for around Rs. 1000. Its my request that please encourage other people to have mail service Aconplia. It is definitely worth using. rimonaband The more communication with abroad the more it brings foreign currency to India and of course peace of mind. The other way of communication is NetMeeting. Accomplia Just tell your friends to login one one server at a time and just talk unlimited. You can also do video conferencing and it works fine Acompla.

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